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Friends of Rodeph Sholom School

Annual Report 2019–20

Dear Rodeph Sholom School Community,

What started as a year of celebrations, marking the 50th anniversary of our school, turned into a year unlike any other. We had focused on the theme “50 Years of Purpose,” intending to celebrate this important milestone with each and every member of our community throughout the year. While we did enjoy several celebratory moments, the year did not turn out as we had hoped.

Instead, our overarching purpose since March has been to keep ourselves and our loved ones healthy and safe. Our community suffered some losses during this time; I lost my beloved mother, and many others lost cherished family members and friends. We also lost the ability to attend school in person, gather with friends, and enjoy many liberties we all took for granted.

Throughout the early days of the pandemic, the last thing on our minds was fundraising. Like everyone at Rodeph Sholom School, our Development team rolled up our sleeves and helped with whatever was needed. Whether it was reading to Pre-kindergarten students on Zoom, researching new health guidelines, or supporting faculty and parents, we knew our Rodeph Sholom School family needed us … and we needed them. 

Once the initial panic passed, we were able to refocus to meet our Annual Fund goal to support the 2020-21 budget. Even in the midst of unknowns and personal struggles, our community clearly understood the need to meet this goal in order to maintain a fiscally healthy school. 

To say we are grateful to the extensive list of supporters in this Report of Gifts would be an understatement. You helped us exceed our Annual Fund goal and have allowed us to better provide for our students and faculty through the unprecedented challenges our community continues to face this school year. 

We are equally proud to acknowledge the donors to People, Place, Purpose: The Campaign for Rodeph Sholom School, the largest campaign in the school’s history. Many of you chose to make a meaningful gift in honor of our school’s 50th year. Your dedication and generosity to ensure our school thrives for another 50 years, and more, is commendable. To those of you who would still like to show your appreciation and make a gift to this historic campaign, please contact me directly. 

Most of all, I want to thank you for being a part of our 50-year journey. Your support will enable us to continue to inspire today’s curious learners to become tomorrow’s purpose-driven leaders.  

Be well,

Julie Sogg Seymour P’99
Director of Development


Julie Sogg Seymour P’99
Director of Development

Why every gift is important

Since its inception 50 years ago, Rodeph Sholom School has been proud to have a strong culture of philanthropy. Our teachers and staff are invaluable in guiding our students through their early lives and adolescence, and our families and friends offer tremendous support, year after year, to make that work possible and to help our programs thrive.

Rodeph Sholom School’s operating budget relies on contributions to the Annual Fund. Your gift has a direct impact on all aspects of school life, including teacher salaries, library books, science equipment, and keeping our buildings and students safe. Your commitment to the Annual Fund allows our school to raise and educate strong, confident, Jewish leaders ready to face a complex world.

Your participation sets a tradition of giving and supports the next generation of RSS students while it positively impacts every current student, every day.

Thank you!

“We give to the Annual Fund because I see how Rodeph Sholom School rises to meet the needs of each child, and the Annual Fund supports the needs of the school. We give because we are in awe of RSS’s ability to rise to meet even the most difficult challenges with grace. We give because RSS has created a home for my family and a haven for my children. But mostly, we give because we believe that you should always give more to a community than you take from it. Our family has benefited from RSS in every way, and we show our gratitude in many ways, one of which is giving to the Annual Fund! We believe that by giving back to RSS, we are giving to our present and building towards a future.”

Stephanie Slesinger P’23, ’27
Parents Association President