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Friends of Rodeph Sholom School

Annual Report 2020–21

Dear Rodeph Sholom School Community,

As we write this letter, the fall semester at Rodeph Sholom School is in full swing. All of our students, from the littlest learners in the Twos through our soon-to-be graduates in the 8th Grade, are in the classroom five days a week. They are engaged in their lessons, connecting with teachers and classmates, and filling the halls with chatter and laughter.

That they are able to do so is thanks to all of you who have supported our community with your time, dedication, and generosity.

Gifts to the Annual Fund allowed us to be nimble and address needs quickly and effectively as they arose. Examples include installing MERV-13 air filtration systems and increasing the availability of our school psychologists to families and staff. We are pleased to share this Report of Gifts in recognition of your commitment to our school and everything it made possible.

We are also delighted to have this opportunity to publicly express our gratitude for our school’s administration, faculty, staff, and lay leadership. In 2020-21 they worked tirelessly to prioritize our children’s safety and the health of our community, while also keeping our doors open. We must also recognize our fellow Rodeph Sholom School parents who, reflecting our values of kehilah (community) and achrayut (responsibility), made choices for their own families that, in turn, protected all of our families.

When we imagine the months ahead, we feel both appreciation and optimism. We are hopeful that they will allow for a renewed focus on limud (love of learning) and the day to day joys of an in-person school day.

As you consider your 2021-22 Annual Fund contribution we hope you will join us in making a gift that is meaningful to you and your family. Our thanks, once again, to each one of you for your support and your dedication to Rodeph Sholom School.
Kara Aborn P’20, ’21, ’26 and Gheña Korn P’22, ’24
Co-chairs, 2020-21 Annual Fund

Theo ’20, Ollie ’21, Rafi ’26, and Lily Aborn & Natalie ’22, Toby ’24, and Arlo Korn

Why every gift is important

Since its inception, Rodeph Sholom School has been proud to have a strong culture of philanthropy. Our teachers and staff are invaluable in guiding our students through their early lives and adolescence, and our families and friends offer tremendous support, year after year, to make that work possible and to help our programs thrive.

Rodeph Sholom School’s operating budget relies on contributions to the Annual Fund. Your gift has a direct impact on all aspects of school life, including teacher salaries, library books, science equipment, and keeping our buildings and students safe. Your commitment to the Annual Fund allows our school to raise and educate strong, confident, Jewish leaders ready to face a complex world.

Your participation sets a tradition of giving and supports the next generation of Rodeph Sholom School students while it positively impacts every current student, every day.

Thank you!

“I give to Rodeph Sholom School because the school provides an excellent education and a nurturing environment for my daughter. In addition, the RSS community has been personally invested in my family’s well-being, which has been especially valuable and appreciated during recently challenging times. Finally, I believe in the school’s future and I want to support that growth trajectory for today’s and tomorrow’s students.” Shara Mendelson P’28