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The Campaign for Rodeph Sholom School

Our largest fundraising effort to date, People, Place, Purpose: The Campaign for Rodeph Sholom School, has raised over $10,000,000 of its $11,500,000 goal. The goal is twofold: to secure a stronger endowment and to provide physical environments appropriate for each division.

We are grateful to the UJA-Federation of New York that launched a Day School Challenge in 2016. With their encouragement and support, we have raised $7,500,000 to augment our endowment. We continue to invite members of the Rodeph Sholom School community to contribute to the campaign and help us reach our goal and honor our school. All campaign donors will receive recognition on a plaque that will be prominently displayed for generations to appreciate.

Please contact Julie Sogg Seymour for additional naming opportunities.

We are proud to list the following contributors to the campaign.
New gifts recorded in 2020-21 are recognized with an asterisk.

Anonymous (2)

Kara and Jon Aborn P’20, ’21, ’26

Sandra and Eduardo Abush P’22, ’27

Rachel Zweighaft and Gerald Adamski P’21, ’28

Janine Katzen and Scott Alter

Tracey and Stephen Amdur P’27, ’30

Karen and Jeffrey Bank P’14, ’16*

Marcy and Andrew Barkan P’18, ’22

Karyn and Charles Bendit P’04, ’07*

Karen Berman P’17, ’19

Keri and Ron Bernstein P’17, ’20*

Ruth and Adam Bernstein P’25, ’27*

Cheryl and Eli Blatt GP’27, ’29

Lisa and David Carnoy P’18, ’20, ’23*

Jessica and Seth Cohen P’25, ’25

Congregation Rodeph Sholom

Charlotte Rashti and Richard Cooper P’25, ’25

Talia Riklis Day and Andrew Day P’22, ’24, ’30*

Judith and Bill Day GP’27, ’28

Tina and James Deutsch P’23, ’26*

Lauren Peelen and Ilya Dolin P’26, ’30

Colleen Dundon

Labe Eden ’98

Camille and Peter Ehrenberg

Kimberly and Kevin Eilian P’25, ’29

Charlene and Pierre Eilian GP’19, ’22,’25, ’29

Julianna Muir and Andrew Feinberg P’29

Amy Feinstein P’27

Susan and Leonard Feinstein GP’27

Roni Jacobson and David Feldman P’16, ’18, ’23*

Gabriel Feldman ’16

Liora and Larry Fogelman P’23, ’26

Jennifer and Eric Friedland P’19, ’22*

Elyssa and William Friedland P’22, ’24, ’27

Rong and Edgar Friedman P’26

Suzanne Waltman and Martin Friedman P’10, ’12, ’13, ’22

Gartner, Inc.

Cindy and Brian Gavin P’12, ’21*

Scott and Lauren Gaynor

The Geduld Family P’07, ’09, ’11

Dr. Janice Gelfand

Rabbi Erica and Mark Gerson P’22, ’25, ’27, ’30*

Cara Lown P’08, ’11

Debra Wasserman and Jason Glasser P’23*

Katia Kravitz and Alexander Gusev P’24, ’30

Darci and Mike Hirschberg P’26*

Beth Rubin and Mitchell Hofing P’10, ’13

Jaime and Eliot Horowitz P’23, ’26, ’32*

Dan Jacobson GP’23, ’26

Stacy Kanter and Eric Kornblau P’04, ’09

Jennifer and Adam Karol P’24, ’26*

Lisa Jacobson and Danny Karpf P’23, ’26

Jo Kay

The Jeff and Erica Keswin Family Foundation

Erica and Jeffrey Keswin P’17, ’17, ’19

Arlene and Melvin Kirschenbaum GP’15, ’24

KKR & Co

Alexia Brue and Ethan Klemperer P’23, ’25*

Gheña and Jeffrey Korn P’22, ’24*

Janet Cohen and Daniel Kramarsky P’15, ’15*

Joyce Kramer P’10

David Kranich P’20, ’22

Robin Kranich P’20, ’22

Andrea Kretchmer P’10*

Sheila and Bill Lambert GP’31*

Daily and Phineas Lambert P’31*

Katrina Wyman and Jonathan Landsman P’24, ’26

Wendy and Steven Langman P’28*

Lori and Marc Lavine P’17

Lyndsie Levine

Melissa and Mac Levine P’30, ’32*

Gina and Rabbi Robert Levine P’98, ’00, ’08

Amy and Steven Lipin P’10, ’15*

Jaynee and Steve Lipman P’11, ’13

Jennifer and Mark Lotke P’19,’22

Eileen Kleiman and Peter Lurye P’10, ’12*

Jill and Jacob Manczyk P’27*

Lisa Timmel and David Markus P’12, ’15

Carolyn and Jeffrey Meckler P’14

Caroline and Marcelo Messer P’21, ’24, ’26*

Judy Gallent and Scott Metzner

Josephine and Eric Mogelof P’20, ’22*

Lorraine and Harvey Moskowitz GP’27, ’30

Neuberger Berman

Sarah and Seth Ostrie P’20, ’24

Nansi Friedman and Stephen Pearlman P’97, ’99, ’99

Irina Sheynfeld and Vlad Portnoy P’16, ’20, ’26*

Rhonda and Rick Press P’10, ’12, ’17

Laurie and Jeffrey Ravetz P’13, ’16*

Leslie and Marc Regenbaum P’25, ’30

Cathy Klema and David Resnick P’05, ’07

Diana and Ira D. Riklis GP’22, ’24, ’30*

Iris and Ira* Rimerman GP’22*

Rosalie Katz Family Foundation*

Libby and Seth Rosen

Adam Rosenthal P’17, ’20*

Lori Cohen and Christopher Rothko P’10, ’12, ’16*

Beth Samuelson GP’25, ’25

Jacob Scherr ’14

Risa and Harry Schessel P’18, ’21

Tami Schneider P’10, ’13*

Meredith and Ted Segal P’27, ’29*

Julie Sogg Seymour

Juju Chang and Neal Shapiro P’18, ’22*

Tal Cohen Shore and Marc Shore P’17, ’19

Sandra Yoraschek and Brett Sibley P’22

Talia and Henry Siegel P’18, ’21, ’23*

Jenifer and Michael Silverman P’17, ’20

Natalie and Jonathan Silverstein P’15, ’17, ’22*

Stephanie and Andrew Slesinger P’23, ’27

Tamara and Adam Sloan P’21

Denise Sobel

Elizabeth Bartman and Andrew Solomon P’99

Nancy and David Solomon*

Beth and Zachary Solomon P’24, ’25, ’30*

Olivia Fass Spiewak ’04

Hilary and Robert Steinman*

Helen Towers

Randi Zuckerberg and Brent Tworetzky

Amy Yenkin and Robert Usdan P’13, ’16

Jill Viner GP’31

Wendy and Matthew Waxman P’26, ’29*

Jan and Glenn Wiener

Sara and Oliver Wiener

Arlyn Apollo and Raz Winiarsky P’23

YourCause LLC Trustee for New York Life*

Kim and Ivan Zinn P’26, ’30